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FREE INTERNET BINGO!!!   Put all your cares in a basket and kick them aside.  It’s time to relax and enjoy free internet bingo.

 We have:

  • Cash prizes on Fri and Sat
  • Download Prizes
  • Free website (as a prize)
  • 4 games
  • Chat
  • Voice
  • Free Bingo Cash


People have been playing bingo as young children right up through the years.  Many churches and bingo halls have entertained people hour after hour.  Now you can play at your own leisure in your own home.

In fact, if you have a laptop, you can play anywhere you go.  And the great thing is you can play 24/7 at your convenience.  If you’d rather stay at home to play, you can stay in your robe and slippers if you want.  You don’t need fancy clothes or makeup. And no driving……save your gas for necessities.

When you win, you can yell out “BINGO” as loud as you want…the whole neighborhood might hear you.  We won’t hear you, but we’ll know you won.  Winning is FUN !!!  It gets your heart pumping from exhilaration.

Why not make it a party.???  Get yourself some munchies (things that are good for you) and a big glass of iced tea.  Between games you can munch, because you sure don’t have time to eat while playing five FREE cards.

All you have to do is register the first time and then use your login from then on.  Then just choose the game or games you would like to play.  What can be easier than click and play.

If Bingo is your game of chance, try free internet bingo at zipbingo.  You can play on 5 cards at a time.  You can play at the beach, on a camping trip, at home, or anywhere you are.

Bingo is not only easy, but it’s fun.  It’s a great way to de-stress after a hard day at work. The more you win, the more you want to play.  With each game you have the odds to win.

If no one else is playing at the time you want to play, you can play against the computer.  No waiting.

   You can play:

  • Standard Bingo
  • Diagonal Bingo
  • 4 Corners Bingo
  • Blackout Bingo
  • Free Bingo Cash Friday and Saturday

Why not play online free bingo?  In this economy, it’s far better to entertain yourself for free then to spend money.

If you have two computers or a computer and laptop, or Ipods play against your spouse, children, or friends.  Or give your friends a call and invite them to free internet bingo at zipbingo.  Remind them it’s free bingo and doesn’t cost them a cent.

You can always make it a group free internet bingo affair at a certain time on a certain day.  Chat between yourselves about the munchies you have, how many games you won that week, and which prize you hope you win.

And if you’re a Fri or Sat player, you can win a prize.  What more could you ask for, play, win, and get paid to win.

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