Desktop dining—many of us are guilty of doing this. Because we want to make sure that we accomplish our deadlines in a day, we try to save a little time by eating our lunches and snack at our desks. Most of us feel that we are wasting precious time if we go down to take a walk to the cafeteria or go out for a short walk to buy some chips. Even if we have time to eat, we still manage to check our emails, answer the phone, or even shuffle some documents.

Here are important reasons why you need to stop eating at your desk:

1. People tend to eat furiously when they are at their desks. When this happens, they are more likely to eat more than they need.

2. Nutritionists have found out that when we eat snack because of boredom or stress, not necessarily because of hunger, the calories consumed tend to be “extra” and we don’t want them in our bodies, right?

3. Eating while working is like mindless eating. This means your body is going through the motion but your brain is not fully aware that you are eating. It may be that you would care less of what you eat whether it’s too fatty, too salty, or too sweet.

So how do we answer these dilemmas? Simply set aside a few minutes to really enjoy your food. The most important thing you can do is make sure that you choose your food well. They should be healthy and include fruits, whole grains, yoghurt, beans, and vegetables.

The best strategy is to plan your meal ahead, say during the weekends. If you have a fridge in the office, bring in fresh snacks each day. Here is a list of food that are handy in the workplace:

A mix of dried nuts and fruits

High fibre and low sugar cereals

Low-sugar Instant oatmeal

Low-calorie hot chocolate drink

Wheat bread and peanut butter

Caffeine-free soda, tea, and coffee

Non-fat milk

Fruit juices

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