From the moment you leave home for work to the minute you sign out from the office, you will be at risk of certain dangers. This is not to say that you should just hole yourself at home, as life is about joys and adversities. What you should be mindful of though is to be cautious at all times. After all, mishaps can cause liabilities not only in your personal life but also in your working one.

Indeed, unfortunate incidents can cause setbacks to your working productivity. Some of the most common hazards you might be exposed to include air-borne diseases, transportation accidents, occupational violence, force majeure, and other work-related accidents. Although the chances of these situations from happening may be low, they can occur at moments when you least expect them to. Luckily, some risks can be easily avoided as long as you take necessary measures. Through these steps, you can more or less maintain or even improve performance at work. Besides, the company you work for also sets preventive policies in accordance with the law to avoid major liabilities.

Of course, you should ask your employer what are the benefits you are entitled to while you are working for them. Some of the basic incentives include social security and mandatory rest periods. And in case something goes wrong (such as a disease or accident), especially if it happens to be the result of your work, ask your boss how the company plans to deal with the situation. For instance, most businesses usually secure medical insurance policies for their employees. Don’t be afraid to ask, as it is your right as an employee.

Finally, you should ask your company if they have back-up plans for uncontrollable events, such as epidemics and natural calamities. Keep in mind that they are liable whatever happens to their workers during office hours. So, find out if they have any plans to ensure the safety of their staff during disasters. It will also help to be aware if you are entitled to receive adequate compensation for such situations.

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